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Equipment Repair

Restaurant kitchen equipment repair company vanWe offer 24/7 Equipment Repair

Downed equipment can equal lost money and customers, maybe even food poisoning. If you’re having trouble with your appliance – whether it has stopped working completely or it’s just not performing like it used to – Axxon Services should be your first call.

Axxon is an authorized service agent for most major manufacturers and one of very few companies to offer staffed 24-hour emergency service, 365-day-a-year.

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Food Truck Equipment Repair

Our technicians will be upfront about your food truck needs. They’ll show you exactly what’s wrong and explain the repair procedure with clear simple language and develop a work plan tailored to you. We’re ready to hear your way in a moment’s notice.

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Commercial HVAC Repair

As a business you need to protect your capital assets and if possible extend the life of these assets. Since every retailer or commercial property has a different need, we provide cost effective, dollar-saving solutions that not only benefit the life of your HVAC equipment, but your budget as well.

Depending on the age and condition of your equipment, your location and usage, the size and type of equipment you have, more tasks or different ones may be needed. We offer installations ranging from small to big commercial projects.

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Refrigeration Repair

We understand that your business has to run uninterrupted. Axxon is your one-stop repair and maintenance source for Walk-In Coolers, Walk-In Freezers, Ice Machines, Ice Cream Machines, Margarita, Coffee, Tea Machines and other refrigeration equipment.

All of our vehicles are equipped with genuine replacement parts for most major makes and models. Our extensive inventory of parts means that many times we can complete your repair request on the first visit, minimizing the downtime and overall costs that can come with equipment failure.

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Water Filtration Repair

Enjoy the benefits of improved taste, smell and clarity of water, increased efficiency of your restaurant equipment and reduced service and maintenance costs. Axxon is committed to helping food service establishments lower equipment operational costs while delivering a great product.

When protecting capital equipment or producing a quality beverage, clear ice, or spot free dish-ware, clean, clear, consistent water is a critical element to food service operations. A water filtration system may seem like a frivolous expense in your large commercial establishment, however, having our filtration system in your kitchen offers great advantages to both you and your customers.

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Commercial Ice Machine Repairs

Commercial ice machines offer the ultimate convenience for your customers. A refreshing indulgence of ice cold drinks year-round, keeping things cool and offering a large store of ice cubes at-the-ready. Because ice is our specialty, our knowledgeable technicians are experts with all brands and styles of ice equipment.

We can fix most kinds of ice machines including; full cube, half cube, nugget, flake and specialty.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How regularly do I need to inspect my restaurant equipment?

Any time you perform a thorough cleaning on your restaurant equipment it’s good practice to inspect all moving parts, utility connections and other components for wear, tear and leaks.

These self inspections can be held weekly, monthly or quarterly to keep you aware. Catching and correcting small maintenance issues early (like a water leak caused by a loose hose fitting or cleaning of your HVAC system) can save you from more expensive repairs in the future. You can even set up a service contract to schedule a cleaning every 90 days on your equipment.

What causes a lot of soot and blue and yellow flames in our gas stove?

Soot usually indicates a dirty stove. When this is accompanied by large flames it implies you’re burning lots of debris in your gas stove. Stoves with soot typically experience considerable heat loss.

Since the soot acts as an insulator, there is less room for combustion and natural venting, resulting in a smothered flame and a dramatic drop in heating efficiency. Scheduled cleaning and maintenance of your gas stove will minimize soot.

If I see flames coming from my deep fryer, should I call a technician?

Fact: Grease and flames don’t mix.

Yes. A common reason commercial deep fryers ignite is due to grease build up. With the repeated splashing of oil from fryer baskets, a coating of grease can accumulate and harden on top of the exhaust stack. The residue might resemble a pumice brick instead of a grease buildup, and will become an excellent fuel source that’s easily ignitable. As with all equipment in your kitchen, keep your deep fryer clean and practice proper grease management.

Are all of Axxon technicians certified to work on all equipment?

Yes. Our CFESA certified technicians have a higher record of “first-time fix” rates which dramatically reduces costs and equipment down time. CFESA is the standard for service excellence producing technicians that keep your equipment up and running. Certified technicians are factory trained and must participate in ongoing training in order to maintain their certification. Axxon Services is proud to have Master Certified Technicians encompassing certification in gas, electric and steam.

What to expect from Axxon’s repair service calls

Dispatchers will work with you from the moment you call to the moment they dispatch a technician. Should the situation require it they will transfer you to a technician to insure that the problem can be corrected. We have technicians available 24 hours a day to come to your business and to resolve the problem on site.